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Champing At The Bit - Every Time I Die




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Champing At The Bit Lyrics

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We drew a crowd.
The crowd drew the blood.
Fawning swindlers.
There's a shark in the stream where the newborns are baptized.

Who let the flatterer,
Into the gallery,
On our sweet sixteen?
Take him away.
Get him against the wall for the witness.
This is doom in a borrowed suit.
It's a pickup line at a funeral.
Cannibals along side the catwalk.

But it's ok we've got old blood and our veins are rooted to the hornets nest again.
New love is tasteless.

We're wearing down.
This is the year of the party crasher.

What is charm?
Where are the heroics?
What is harm to the perfumed wrists of the stoics?

Designer impostors find us twitching in the claws of the snake.
A fin is circling around in the floor.
It appears we've lost our way.
The tide is swelling and we've fallen asleep on the shore.
Get inside.

Someone's yelling fire...
In the theater.

Oh, dear God, Everybody stay calm.
Tell your husband that his screaming just invited it in.

The horsemen are crashing through the gates.

We had better learn to play dead.
Our hands are reeking of rapture.
It's dripping from our chins.
The tragedy of infant hearts.

But it's ok we've got old blood and our hair is woven to the same hotel again.
New love is tasteless.

We're wearing down.
This is the year of the party crasher.

'Cause it's you and me for the first time in history.
We're history. wka

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Every Time I Die is a five-piece metalcore band from Buffalo, New York, founded in the winter of 1998. Though popularly classified as hardcore, Every Time I Die's sound also contains strong elements of metalcore, southern rock and mathcore. Beginning with a noisy, chaotic hardcore sound, subsequent releases increasingly added fat grooves and twin leads to the mix, with each album treading different ground. They are also acclaimed for Keith Buckley's intelligent and often cryptic lyrics. The band have just released their seventh full-length "From Parts Unknown", on Epitaph.

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